Mary Ann Bartus

Million Dollar Marketing

Million Dollar Marketing

Home Sellers all over Mid-Michigan are benefiting from Mary Ann Bartus and Production Realty’s Million Dollar Marketing.

Everyday we help homeowners sell for top dollar. We routinely sell homes for up to 10% more than the competition.

“We sold our home for way more than we expected!”
– Aimee W., Seller in Grass Lake Michigan


Here are the top 5 reasons everyone needs a Production Realty Million Dollar Marketing Realtor

1. Internet Syndication.

Production Realty Internet SyndicationVirtually ALL home buyers use their computer and cell phone to find their next home. Our luxury home syndication agreements guarantee that your home will be listed on every real estate website we know of. But that is just the beginning. We use search engine optimization strategies to make sure that our listings show up at the top of the list on all these websites. How would you like your home to be the most popular home on How about Zillow or Trulia? Our luxury home techniques work for all of our listings, regardless of price.

2. Social Media Marketing Plan.

Social Media. We do it right

When was the last time you heard of someone finding for their next home in the newspaper or a magazine? Never happens. We use your marketing dollars to reach home buyers where they are, social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube – they are all the rage. A good social media marketing plan is absolutely essential to sell for top dollar.  Our 24 point social media marketing plan generates thousands of clicks per day.

3. Magazine Quality Photography.

Michigan Luxury Homes Specialists

This is more important than ever. Home buyers rely on tiny little photos on their cell phones to decide if a home is worth looking at. It better be one fantastic photo to make the cut. You’ve seen the listings with one or two bad photos. How about listings with 15 or so decent photos? Not good enough. What our Million Dollar Marketing does is on an entirely different level. Our professional photographers will give us 30-50 magazine quality photos to use in our marketing.

4. Video Walk Through.

Real Estate Video Tours Production Realty

Ten year old children can post videos online, but your agent can’t? Seriously? From the most basic cell phone video to an elaborate full production, video can work at all price points. And we’re not talking about turning the photos into a video slideshow. Who falls for that? We do video, and we do it right.  Nothing gives a Buyer more of a reason to make an offer than when they can replay the video walk through over again at anytime.

5. Direct to Agent Marketing.

Direct to agent marketing luxury home specialists

What if we could get every Realtor in town to fight to sell your home? Most agents hope they price your home on the low end in order to sell it fast with the least amount of work. Our Direct to Agent Marketing gets you top dollar by getting every single agent in town to want to sell your home before anyone else does. A literal frenzy of showings and often multiple offers. We call it the price approach vs. traffic approach. The higher the traffic, the better odds of finding a Buyer, right? Price it low enough to get Buyers worked up or use our system to get all the Realtors worked up. Most agents never even talk to other agents about their listings. Our Direct to Agent Marketing exploits these important connections with other Realtors to its fullest.


Production Realty brings Million Dollar Marketing to Michigan. We capitalize on today’s technology to sell homes for top dollar as fast as possible.

We use video, social media, magazine quality photography, internet syndication, and hundreds of other tools to reach Buyers all over the globe.

As members of Michigan’s most successful data-sharing operation for REALTORS, our listings are included in the Jackson, Ann Arbor, Detroit, Down River, Lenawee, Hillsdale, Shiawassee, Montcalm, Monroe, and Saginaw MLS systems.

Our Results Driven Marketing Plan is designed to net our Sellers the most amount of money with the least amount of hassle. We are Results Driven.